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Ground Regulations

§ 1 Purpose

The purpose of these Ground Regulations is

  • to preserve and maintain the positive atmosphere at Parken,
  • to ensure that all visitors feel safe both before, during and after their stay at Parken, and
  • to ensure that all people feel welcome regardless of appearance, religion and cultural background.
§ 2 Scope

These Ground Regulations apply to all football matches and other events, sporting and non-sporting, held at Parken, regardless of the organiser of event.

In certain cases, the individual organiser can stipulate other regulations, e.g. in relation to minimum age. The visitors of Parken are obliged to read, understand and observe these regulations.

The Ground Regulations apply to the entire area of Parken, including all entries and exits, as well as to the parking spaces available to Parken’s guests.

§ 3 Access and conduct

Valid ticket
You can only stay at Parken if you have a valid ticket or an admission card, or if you are otherwise able to document that you have a right to stay at the area.Valid ticket or admission card must to be shown to stewards and/or police upon request.Ticket forgery will be reported to the police.

Minimum age
Children under the age of 12 are only admitted to F.C. Copenhagen’s matches if accompanied by an adult. However, on the B stand (Upper and Lower Section 12), there is a minimum age requirement of 15 years. For matches of the Danish Football Association and other events, reference is made to the event organiser in question.

You must take the seat indicated on the ticket. For safety reasons, Parken’s staff or the police may assign you to another seat, to which you are then obliged to move.During football matches and events, you are not allowed to stay on stairs and in hallways, meaning that you should go directly to and from your seat. Partly so you do not disrupt the view of other guests and partly because it may be dangerous in case of evacuation and the like. Emergency exits must not be blocked under any circumstances.

Stadium light
Parken's LED lighting system opens up a number of opportunities to boost the atmosphere in Parken during match days, concerts and events. Please note that there may be brief light effects that may be detrimental to people with light sensitivity problems.

Persons who are banned from staying at Parken will be denied access to all football matches and events, sporting and non-sporting, held at Parken. Tickets are non-refundable.

After football matches
Sometimes, you may have to wait before being able to leave Parken. In order for all guests to feel safe after the match, guests may be let out from Parken in batches and at a pace, which the stewards find acceptable in relation to safety.

§ 4 Access control

All visitors are obliged to present tickets or admission cards upon entry to Parken and upon request hand the ticket/admission card to Parken’s staff for further scrutiny. At F. C. Copenhagen’s matches, spectators on the lower B stand shall be able to provide valid picture identification upon request. You will be denied access to Parken if you are unable to present valid ticket/admission card. Tickets are non-refundable.

§ 5 Prohibited items, body search etc.

The following items are not allowed at Parken:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Items that can be used as weapons or missiles
  • Spray cans with gas, corrosive and coloring substances
  • Bottles, cups, mugs or cans made of materials that can break or shatter
  • Items of disproportional sizes
  • Fireworks, flares, Roman candles or other pyrotechnics
  • Flags or banners that are longer than 1.5 meters, confetti tubes and crepe rolls containing confetti (please also see paragraph regarding prior approval of banners)
  • Powered noise instruments - such as compressor horn, vuvuzelas etc.
  • Food and beverages - including alcoholic beverages of any kind
  • Umbrellas
  • Animals
  • Laser pens
  • Documents, designs, symbols or flags of an ideological or commercial nature and articles serving commercial purposes which may be seen by others or are brought for distribution to other visitors
  • Racist or Nazi propaganda material
  • Other items which may jeopardise the safety at Parken.

The list is not exhaustive.

The stewards at Parken are entitled (e.g. by use of technical devices) to search whether visitors represent a safety hazard due to influence of alcohol or euphoriants, or whether they carry weapons or other dangerous and inflammable items.

You will be denied access to Parken if Parken’s stewards assess that you represent a safety hazard. Tickets are non-refundable.

§ 6 Rules of conduct

These Ground Regulations must be observed and at all times, and all instructions from the speaker system at Parken, Parkens staff, the stewards, the police and the fire department must also be complied with.

You are not allowed to be at Parken if you are under obvious influence of liquor or drugs.

Furthermore, the following activities are prohibited at Parken:

  • Climbing on or over buildings and facilities not intended for general use, including facades, fences, walls, fencing of the playing field, barriers, lighting installations, camera platforms, trees, masts/pylons of any kind and roofs.
  • Entering areas not permitted for visitors (e.g. the football pitch in connection with football matches)
  • To participate in coordinated jumping and encourage others to participate in coordinated jumping in the B-stand through speech, singing or other behavior.
  • Throwing objects, which can be a danger to others
  • Setting fire to anything, firing fireworks, flares or other pyrotechnics
  • Selling items or tickets, distributing printed material or launching collections without prior permission
  • Writing, painting, sticking or hanging anything on buildings, installations, or advertising signs
  • Relieving oneself in other places than at the toilets or throwing away waste
  • Provoking others to hatred or violence against other people
  • Having your face entirely or partially covered by hoods, masks or the like, preventing identification
  • Bringing or obviously wearing signs and symbols of a racist, homophobic or other derogative or discriminatory nature, as well as shouting or singing anthems or chants with such content.
  • Making racist, homophobic or other derogative or discriminating comments or manifestations.
  • In general, to act unacceptably and thus being a nuisance to others or in any other way bring other people in danger.

The list is not exhaustive.

People acting as described above will be expelled from Parken. Tickets are non-refundable.

Banners etc.
You are allowed to bring/hang banners of relevance to the match/the event, but only if such have been approved in advance by Parken’s security officer. This is mainly because of fire hazard, and if there is not sufficient space for banners and the like.

Video surveillance
Video cameras are placed inside and outside Parken and Parken can use any video footage or pass it on to the authorities for further investigation etc.

§ 7 Special charges

If you try to force the fence around the football field or to gain access to the playing area in any other way without permission, you will be charged an amount of DKK 10,000, which must be paid immediately or by further agreement.

If you bring or use fireworks, flares, Roman candles or other pyrotechnics, you will be charged an amount of DKK 5,000, which must be paid immediately or by further agreement.

If you throw objects on or towards the pitch and/or at other spectators, you will be charged an amount of DKK 5,000, which must be paid immediately or by further agreement.

If you possess and/or wear face-concealing masks at Parken, you will be charged an amount of DKK 5,000, which must be paid immediately or by further agreement.

If you are banned from Parken and access (or attempt to access) Parken, you will be charged an amount of DKK 5,000, which must be paid immediately or by further agreement.

Please note that payment of such charges does not preclude other sanctions, just as you may be held liable for any loss Parken may suffer due to your actions.

§ 8 Denial of access/suspension

You will be denied access to or suspended from Parken if you:

  • do not have a valid ticket/admission card
  • are deemed to be a security risk
  • are banned from Parken
  • by your general behaviour are in violation of these Ground Regulations.

Tickets are non-refundable.

§ 9 Photography at Parken

Photography at football matches
As a visitor at Parken, you are considered as having accepted that photos or video may be taken of you. Your participation in the event is an automatic acceptance of Parken/F.C. Copenhagen using these photos and videos for articles on websites, social media or for PR/marketing. You also accept that you may be on TV transmissions from the match or press photos for papers and magazines. Parken/F.C. Copenhagen will always endeavour not to publish any compromising photos.

You are allowed to take pictures and record sound and video at Parken, if

  • it is for private use only (e.g. your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc.) or
  • for official competitions etc. at Parken, and
  • you observe the general legislation on e.g. not publishing compromising pictures of other people.

You are not allowed to record live images or audio material and disclose information about the match, from the match, stands or other areas of Parken for commercial use, regardless of the means used.

Photography at other events
The rules stipulating when you are allowed to take photos and how you may use them vary from event to event and therefore reference is made to the rules of the organiser in question.

§ 10 Smoking

Regardless of whether the roof is closed or not, there is a smoking ban in all indoor facilities at Parken, including in toilets, on the stairs and in the hallways. The smoking ban also applies for all types of e-cigarettes etc.

Outdoors without roof (F.C. Copenhagen matches)
If the roof on Parken is not closed, you are allowed to smoke on the lower B stand and on the lower C stand as well as outside Parken. On all other stand sections, smoking is not allowed. However, there may be exceptions to this main rule, and then these areas will have appropriate signing.

Outdoors without roof (Danish Football Association matches)
If the roof on Parken is not closed, you are allowed to smoke on the lower B stand and outside Parken. On all other stand sections, smoking is not allowed. However, there may be exceptions to this main rule, and then these areas will have appropriate signing.

Outdoors with roof
If the roof is closed, the smoking ban applies to all stand sections.

§ 11 Separation of fans during football matches

At F.C. Copenhagen matches, all stand sections – except for that reserved for the visiting team – are in general reserved for F.C. Copenhagen’s fans. For international F.C. Copenhagen matches, a small area of the A-stand will normally also be reserved for the visiting team's VIP-guests.

At matches of the Danish Football Association, information on where the two groups of fans will be placed will be provided in connection with each game.

You are only allowed to display your association with the visiting team, e.g. by wearing colors, clothes or the like, or sing anthems or chants related to the visiting team, on the stand sections reserved for the fans of the visiting team. Please note that on the matchday you are not allowed to wear colors, clothes etc. which may be related to other teams than the visiting team.

These rules on “separation of fans” have been made in order to enhance security at all football matches in Parken. If you do not comply with these rules, you may be denied access/expelled without receiving a refund for your ticket, unless you have a ticket for the visiting team’s stand section. To the extent possible, the stewards will refer you to other sections in Parken.

Regarding international F.C. Copenhagen football matches taking place at Parken, persons supporting the visiting team are not allowed to buy tickets through F.C. Copenhagen. Reference is made to the visiting club’s own information on tickets to the sections to which the fans of the visiting team have access. For international matches and cup finals, reference is made to the ticket office of the Danish Football Association.

§ 12 Liability

Staying at Parken is always at the visitor’s own risk. Parken is not liable for any injuries or property damage caused by accidents or other visitors’ acts or omissions.

Parken reserves the right to hold you liable for damages in accordance with Danish legislation if you

  • commit acts of vandalism on Parken’s property
  • behave in such a manner that Parken/F.C. Copenhagen and/or the organiser suffers financial loss
  • behave in a manner resulting in fines and/or sanctions against Parken/F.C. Copenhagen and/or the organizer
§ 13 Violation of the Ground Regulations

Visitors in violation of these Ground Regulations can be expelled and banned from visiting Parken’s grounds or any other stadium in Denmark or abroad where the stewards of Parken/F.C. Copenhagen are responsible for access control.

You may be banned from Parken or any other event with relation to Parken, regardless of where it takes place.

These violations may also result in a ban:

  • violations taking place at or in the near surroundings of Parken (e.g. parking spaces, by entrances and exits, and on the streets and pavements surrounding the area of Parken) or
  • violent actions outside Parken, but where there is cohesion to Parken/F.C. Copenhagen or the organiser

Stewards are entitled to deny access to or expel groups of persons, if violation of the Ground Regulations (e.g. by outfit, symbols or conduct) cannot be ascribed to one individual person in the group and the violation in general characterises the behaviour of the entire group.

Tickets are non-refundable.

§ 14 Complaints from spectators, visitors etc.

As mentioned, the Ground Regulations shall ensure that all visitors feel safe before, during and after their stay.

If you find that the Ground Regulations are not enforced properly or correct at football matches (F.C. Copenhagen or the Danish Football Association), or if you by other reasons have an experience which you do not find appropriate or reasonable, we would like to hear from you at

If the matter concerns the police, the fire brigade or other external authorities, please contact these directly.

In connection with other events than football matches, your feedback should be sent directly to the organiser of the event in question.

If you have forgotten items at Parken, please contact the reception at Parken. You can mail to and describe the forgotten items and how we can get in contact with you.

We hold items for three days. Subsequently, they are passed to the lost property office with the Copenhagen police.

Most recent update, 1 September 2020.